Authenticiy of Learning, Diversity Describe how you have addressed authenticity, diversity and creation of a student centered learning environment

Authenticity of student learning is important. Student learning is individual in nature and this should be reflective in learning outcomes. Project based learning analyzes student learning through a culmination of work.

Students come from various backgrounds and and have a variety of learning styles. Diversity of learning styles is a part of the process. Using verbs from Blooms Taxonomy Helps. Accommodations for students can be accomplished with creating elements of Universal design to meet the needs a majority of students. By have these elements student have options to participate and learn in a learning environment that address different learning styles and students with disabilities. The following are some sites that offer advise in universal design along with examples. This course also follow ADA American with disabilities ACT. Students also have the Right to disclose or not disclose their disability. It is recommended that student disclose their disability so that accommodations and meaningful learning can take place. This course will also follow affirmative action policies as directed by the institution. The course will also comply with with directives from the student diversity office and student services offices.

Student Centered learning

Activities were developed based on student centered learning environment. Students are involved in their own learning created by the specific course design and learning strategies. Course objectives are general for all learners, and A pre -course survey was developed for this course to address per learning needs.